Voce V5 Tone Wheel Organ Module, $499!

The Voce V5 organ module is a digital organ sound module known for its high-quality emulation of classic Hammond B3 tones. Designed for musicians seeking authentic organ sounds without the bulk of traditional organ keyboards, the Voce V5 is a compact and portable solution that delivers rich, vintage organ tones suitable for various musical genres, including jazz, rock, blues, and gospel.

Key Features:

Sound and Synthesis:

  • Tone Generation: Digital emulation of the classic Hammond B3 organ, providing authentic organ sounds.
  • Drawbar Control: Features nine drawbars for real-time manipulation of the harmonic content, similar to a traditional Hammond organ.
  • Percussion: Emulates the percussion effects found on vintage organs, adding attack and brightness to the sound.
  • Key Click: Adjustable key click level to simulate the mechanical noise of the original Hammond organs.


  • Chorus/Vibrato: Built-in chorus and vibrato effects for adding modulation and depth to the organ sound.
  • Rotary Speaker Simulation: Emulates the Leslie rotary speaker effect, providing the swirling, dynamic sound associated with classic organ tones.


  • MIDI In/Out/Thru: Full MIDI capabilities for integration with other MIDI controllers and devices.
  • Audio Outputs: Stereo 1/4″ outputs for connecting to amplifiers, PA systems, or recording equipment.
  • Footswitch Input: Allows connection of a footswitch for controlling features such as sustain or rotary speaker speed.

Controls and Interface:

  • Front Panel Controls: Easy-to-use interface with dedicated knobs and buttons for drawbars, volume, percussion, chorus/vibrato, and rotary speaker settings.
  • LED Indicators: Visual feedback for current settings and adjustments.

Sound Characteristics:

  • Authentic Organ Tone: Delivers rich, warm, and authentic Hammond B3 tones with the flexibility of digital control.
  • Dynamic Response: Responsive to playing dynamics, providing expressive and nuanced performances.
  • Versatile Effects: The built-in effects add depth and character to the organ sound, making it suitable for a wide range of musical styles.


  • Live Performance: Ideal for live performances due to its portability and authentic sound, allowing keyboardists to add classic organ tones to their setup.
  • Studio Recording: Suitable for studio use, providing high-quality organ sounds for recording projects without the need for a large, traditional organ.
  • Practice and Rehearsal: Great for practice sessions, offering the sound of a vintage organ in a compact and easy-to-use module.

Country of Manufacture:

  • United States: The Voce V5 organ module is typically manufactured in the USA, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and reliability.

Notable Features:

  • Digital emulation of the classic Hammond B3 organ
  • Nine drawbars for real-time harmonic control
  • Built-in percussion, key click, chorus/vibrato, and rotary speaker effects
  • Full MIDI capabilities for integration with other devices
  • Stereo audio outputs and footswitch input
  • Easy-to-use front panel controls with LED indicators

Notable Users:

  • John Medeski: As a member of the jazz-funk trio Medeski, Martin & Wood, John Medeski is known for his innovative use of keyboards and organs. He has utilized the Voce V5 for its authentic B3 sound in live performances and recordings.
  • Chester Thompson: A renowned session musician and touring keyboardist, Chester Thompson has worked with artists like Santana and Tower of Power. He has used the Voce V5 to achieve classic organ tones while maintaining portability.
  • Larry Goldings: A versatile jazz organist and pianist, Larry Goldings has performed with artists like James Taylor and John Scofield. The Voce V5 has been part of his setup, providing reliable Hammond B3 sounds.

The Voce V5 organ module is a powerful and versatile tool for musicians seeking authentic Hammond B3 organ sounds in a compact and portable format. With its rich tonal characteristics, dynamic response, and flexible effects, the V5 delivers the classic organ tones that are essential for various musical genres. Whether you’re performing live, recording in the studio, or practicing at home, the Voce V5 provides the quality and sound that musicians need, making it an excellent addition to any keyboard setup.

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