Wounded Paw Battering Ram

CAN $229.00

New version now available!

The Battering Ram is an Overdrive plus Fuzz pedal which works equally well for guitar or bass or anything else you want to plug into it.
Stomp on the OVERDRIVE switch and you turn the pedal on and activate the Overdrive section. It’s a smooth overdrive which can go from completely clean to growling distortion via the DRIVE knob.
The LO switch adds in the lower frequencies to make it full-range for bass or other instruments.
The HI knob lets you either boost or cut the highs to dial in the tone you want.
The LEVEL knob on the Overdrive side controls the output volume of the Overdrive section only.

Overdrive plus Fuzz means that while the overdrive is on all the time, the fuzz can be added on top of the overdrive, without affecting the overdrive’s volume or tone. This is a parallel processed pedal which means the fuzz section works from the clean input signal and gets mixed with the overdrive instead of one section following the other like in 2 stage pedals.

The FUZZ section is switched on via a second stomp switch and has it’s own LEVEL knob to control the Fuzz volume separately from the Overdrive. The fuzz sound is snarling and raspy and can get right out of control if you crank up the SUSTAIN. The deep lows are filtered out to keep it tight and bright.
The TONE control goes from high-end cut to flat to a mid-cut, high end boost.
And for another set of sounds there is the OCT switch to change the fuzz section into an octave up fuzz. Crazy.

This pedal can be used in a number of ways. Have the overdrive on all the time for your basic tone and stomp on the fuzz for that important bridge, chorus or solo. Or use both sections to shape your total distortion sound. Use the overdrive for the lower frequencies to keep the growl without getting muddy and use the fuzz for the searing top end. Or keep the overdrive section tame and use the fuzz section with the octave switch on to add that one bit of octave up.

The Battering Ram now has a new feature, the Split switch. The Battering Ram was developed to run the Overdrive and Fuzz sides in parallel when the Fuzz is switched on but bowing to pressure we’ve changed this. The Split switches allows you to run the channels in parallel or separately. With the Split switch in the up position, when you hit the Fuzz stomp switch the overdrive gets switched off at the same time.

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