80s Yamaha TX16W Digital Wave Filtering Sampler with Typhoon Software

Yamaha’s first sampling workstation and was aimed at professional musicians and producers. Here are some key features and details:

  1. Sampling: The TX16W features 16-bit linear sampling at a maximum sampling rate of 50 kHz, which was quite advanced for its time. It allows users to record and playback high-quality audio samples.
  2. Memory: The unit originally comes with 1.5 MB of RAM, which can be expanded up to 6 MB. This allows for longer or more complex samples to be stored and manipulated.
  3. Polyphony: It offers 16-note polyphony, meaning it can play up to 16 samples simultaneously.
  4. Multitimbral: The TX16W is 8-part multitimbral, allowing it to play different samples on different MIDI channels simultaneously. This makes it a powerful tool for creating layered and complex arrangements.
  5. User Interface: The TX16W features a backlit LCD screen that displays various parameters and settings. Navigation is menu-driven, which can be somewhat challenging due to the depth and complexity of the functions.
  6. Effects: It includes built-in digital effects, such as reverb, delay, and modulation effects, which can be applied to samples to enhance their sound.
  7. Storage: Samples and other data can be stored on 3.5-inch floppy disks. This was a common storage medium at the time, though it is considered slow and limited by modern standards.
  8. MIDI: The TX16W has full MIDI capabilities, allowing it to be integrated into a MIDI setup for sequencing and control. It can be triggered and controlled by an external MIDI keyboard or sequencer.
  9. Editing: Sample editing includes functions such as looping, truncating, and applying various envelopes and filters. The TX16W also supports time-stretching and pitch-shifting of samples.
  10. Operating System: One of the notable aspects of the TX16W is the ability to run alternative operating systems, the most famous being the Typhoon 2000 OS, which offers improved functionality and a more user-friendly interface compared to the original Yamaha OS.

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