Late 80s Yamaha V50 4-operator polyphonic FM synth, just serviced for $499!

  • Overview: The Yamaha V50 is a digital synthesizer workstation released in 1989. It combines FM synthesis with a built-in sequencer, drum machine, and effects, making it a comprehensive tool for music production and performance. The V50 is known for its versatility and powerful sound design capabilities.

    Key Features:

    • Synthesis:
      • FM Synthesis: Utilizes Yamaha’s 4-operator FM synthesis technology, similar to the DX series.
      • Voices: 16-voice polyphony, allowing for complex and layered sounds.
      • Waveforms: A variety of preset waveforms for creating diverse and dynamic sounds.
    • Keyboard:
      • 61 Keys: Full-size, velocity-sensitive keys with aftertouch for expressive playing.
      • Split and Layer: Allows for splitting the keyboard into different zones or layering multiple sounds.
    • Sequencer:
      • Built-In Sequencer: 8-track sequencer with up to 16,000 notes capacity, providing comprehensive recording and editing capabilities.
      • Real-Time and Step Recording: Supports both real-time and step recording modes for flexibility in composition.
    • Drum Machine:
      • Integrated Drum Machine: Includes a variety of drum sounds and patterns, with the ability to create custom rhythms.
      • Dedicated Drum Pads: Separate pads for triggering drum sounds and patterns.
    • Effects:
      • Built-In Effects: Includes reverb, chorus, delay, and more, allowing for sound enhancement and customization.
      • Effect Parameters: Adjustable parameters for fine-tuning the effects to suit different sounds and styles.
    • Performance Controls:
      • Modulation and Pitch Wheels: Standard wheels for real-time modulation and pitch bending.
      • Assignable Controllers: Additional buttons and sliders for controlling various parameters during performance.
    • Connectivity:
      • MIDI In/Out/Thru: Full MIDI implementation for integration with other MIDI devices.
      • Audio Outputs: Stereo outputs for connection to amplifiers, mixers, or recording equipment.
      • Foot Pedal Inputs: Inputs for sustain and expression pedals.

    Sound Characteristics:

    • Rich FM Tones: Capable of producing a wide range of sounds from classic FM basses and bells to complex evolving pads.
    • Expressive Playability: Velocity sensitivity and aftertouch provide expressive control over dynamics and timbre.
    • Versatile Effects: Built-in effects enhance the overall sound, adding depth and dimension.


    • Genres: Suitable for electronic music, pop, rock, ambient, and more.
    • Usage: Ideal for live performances, studio recordings, and music production due to its comprehensive features and sound design capabilities.

    Country of Manufacture:

    • Japan: The Yamaha V50 was designed and manufactured in Japan, known for its high-quality construction and innovative design.

    Notable Features:

    • Integrated Workstation: Combines a synthesizer, sequencer, and drum machine in one unit, making it a versatile tool for musicians and producers.
    • User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-navigate interface with a clear display and dedicated buttons for essential functions.
    • Durable Build: Robust construction ensures reliability for both studio and live use.

    Notable Users:

    • Electronic Musicians: Used by various electronic musicians for its powerful FM synthesis and versatile workstation capabilities.
    • Composers: Favored by composers for its integrated sequencing and sound design tools, allowing for comprehensive music production.
    • Live Performers: Utilized by live performers for its expressive playability and all-in-one design.

    The Yamaha V50 is a powerful and versatile digital synthesizer workstation, combining FM synthesis, sequencing, drum programming, and effects in one compact unit. With its rich FM tones, expressive keyboard, and comprehensive features, the V50 is suitable for a wide range of musical applications. Whether used in live performances, studio recordings, or music production, the Yamaha V50 delivers exceptional performance and creative potential, making it a valuable tool for musicians and producers.

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